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If you go down to the woods ...

OK, maybe not to the woods, but at least to the wooded section at the far end of the Share Farm beat. You probably know that there's a very wide and very deep pool there, and a big messy dam, with so much junk and fallen trees that it's just about unfishable.

Well not any more!

Thanks to another work-party of intrepid members, the dam is gone, and nearly all (except a few well-rooted bits) of the trees have been hauled out and stashed up the bank where they can do no harm. The work-party, led by Nigel of course, comprised two Andrews, Keith, MIke (our illustrious chairman no less), et moi, and we all got wet and dirty and tired, but had a very good time doing so. As you'll see below, some of us were not inhibited from wading in the shallower (waist-deep) parts by a lack of chest waders.

Some of the larger trees were hauled out on ropes while the really massive ones have been secured to the bank (as opposed to both banks as they were before). There's still a bit of work to do tidying up the path and consolidating the big logs, but the job is pretty much done.

The difference is spectacular, and while we were there, you could see a current beginning to build up through that section. That was one major objective, and should benefit the whole beat, though there's still more to do upstream. Please do consider joining future work-parties if you can, even if you're getting old and arthriticky like some of us; there's always plenty to do, and it really is both satisfying and very enjoyable.

And finally, the end result, but go and see for yourself - you'll be in for a big surprise!


Peter B

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