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Making room for a view

We've been at it again. Nigel, Keith and myself spent a few hours mucking about, literally, on the river-bank at the top end of the Outfall Pool. If you'd seen it recently, you'd know that the bit of bank where you need to stand to fish the deep end of that pool had been washed out over the Winter to a 45 degree slope of silt, straight down to a fairly deep and turbulent bit of water.

Our efforts and ingenuity have created a platform there that will hopefully withstand a few flood surges down the river.

It's pretty muddy there at the moment, after all our mucking about, but if it gets a chance to dry out, it should be quite useful, though you may need a long-handled net when the river level subsides. If you don't fancy fishing there, you can always sit and watch the outfall from the Water Treatment Works, in case you spot anything interesting. Do let me know if you do.



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