Many Happy Returns

May Day saw lots of happy Catch Returns with many Browns on Beat 2 and some lovely Rainbows on Beat 3 so there was a lot of good fishing to be had. I was at Harper's myself and although I saw several members there through the day, there was no lack of space for fishing.

Many thanks to everyone who does complete a Catch Return as they are all read and are very useful. Please check your Return before submitting it, as we often see a count for fish that were returned, but apparently haven't been caught, and it's so easy to forget to enter the Beat - we've all done it.

We had one very helpful Return today from someone who returned 2 fish that hadn't been caught, and kindly offered a pic of a Native Brown they'd caught. Sadly they omitted their name, otherwise we'd be very interested. Easily done, but thanks again for the Returns, and the comments, especially which flies were successful - very helpful for us beginners.


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