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Missing out.

It seems that lots of people have missed out yet again on a morning of fun and frolicking in the water, This is one of the targets of our polesaws, bowsaws, pruning saws and ropes.

Actually, this picture was taken a few weeks ago as Nigel patrolled Beat 2B but the tree had fallen over towards the near bank and was more of a nuisance than ever. The river has abated somewhat since then of cours. We have virtually pollarded it now, so it should grow back to be a lot prettier, but less of a nuisance for a year or two. This is the new hairstyle it's gained.

We actually made several other improvements to that beat as well, not to mention the excellent work clearing the big pool at the bottom, so no excuses there next season!

In the meantime Nigel, Keith, Christophe, John and myself all enjoyed a good bit of exercise, a nice cup of coffee and perhaps the odd doughnut.

Watch out for Nigel's invitations over the next few weeks and months, so that you're not missing out on future work parties.

Meanwhile, the river is now down to a very nice level and clearing very well, so a great time for targetting Grayling - though sadly the Grayling don't necessarily agree, and are proving satisfyingly challenging, expecially on dry fly (which is certainly the most challenging way to try to catch them). One clever member managed 7 one day recently, so congratulations Paul, and we're all blaming you for it being so hard to catch them since.

Finally, if you happen to come across a superbly stocked fly-box on the river anywhere from just above the footbridge, I know a grateful former owner who'll be happy to buy you several pints at least if you happen across it. Just let one of the committee know and you'll be a hero.

Enjoy the rest of February as the river is closed in March don't forget.



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