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No Invite to a Downing St Work-Party ?

Don't worry if you haven't been invited to the No 10 Garden for a Work meeting lately.

You are all invited to a Teise AOA Work Party!

It's BYOB (Bring Your Old Boots (or wellies, or probably waders actually)), and some strong gloves and maybe some scythes and loppers and other implements of destruction. More details will be provided nearer the time.

The proposed dates are:

29 January 2022

26 February 2022

19 March 2022

09 April 2022

All members are invited to help make our river a better place to fish, and of course anyone not attending loses any automatic right to complain about anything in future (only kidding).

Nigel Francis will be coordinating as usual, and there will be a notice issued to all members nearer the time, but we know that all the most important people read this blog, so you deserve to know first!

If you want to make sure you get the details of each session, then be proactive and let Nigel know you're interested. If you don't have his email then you contact me at and I'll make sure he puts you on the VIP list.

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