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No Luck with the Pools?

If you're of a certain age, that might be a nice double-entendre, but if not, it might reflect your recent catch rate.

Not sure if it applies to Harpers, but at Trottenden, many of the fish seem to have vacated their lairs at the bottom of the big pools, and taken to the fast water. Possibly related to the warmer weather and warming water, but worth thinking about if you're not catching where you used to.

I'm still using Tony Cobb's lovely Alpaca Hydro Caddis nymphs, but lighter ones (2.5mm beads perhaps) in the streamy water. These beauties give loads of movement, and that may be attracting the rainbows, but you can probably stimulate a take with less hairy nymphs by giving them the odd twitch.

If you fancy some dry fly action, and why wouldn't you, then not only are there lots of Browns around who are slowly getting the message and rising, but tomorrow opens up new opportunities.

Our lovely Grayling will be legal again tomorrow (16th June), as will the Chub who are often just as keen to take a small fly. It's sometimes very tempting to just keep on catching when they're rising, but probably makes sense to move on to pastures new after you've caught a few. Of course it's so easy to miss take after take with Grayling as they're so quick to reject a fly, but very satisfying when you manage it. I'll be dusting off my very tiny Double Badgers again to see if I've lost my touch. Talking of touch, please release them as carefully as possible (preferably without even handling them) so that they live to rise another day.

Enjoy the sport, and you may like to note that a few Grayling have been found above the weir on beat 2a, so keep a look out for those, and please tell us if you catch them.



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