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Party Time Again

This was the first task presented to the latest river work-party at Trottenden on Saturday (apart from coping with the rain of course).

When we pointed out to Nigel that he was actually the only one wearing chest waders, he agreed that it might be a bit too ambitious, so we moved downstream to find some more modest challenges. Our intrepid group (Yvette, Andrew, Bob, Dan, Paul, Nigel and myself) managed to keep busy cutting overhanging branches, bundles of rose briars, and protruding willows, and adding a few new steps and ropes. We paused briefly for hot drinks and doughnuts, and by the time we'd worked down to Ironbridge, the whole beat looked a lot more fishable. It's still waiting for a professional job on some steps and the stile, but weather permitting, those will be done in the next few weeks.

More importantly, another group of members got to know each other and swap tips about the river, life, the universe and everything, and left in the knowledge of a morning well-spent. There's more to the club than just the fishing, if you want it, so do get engaged when you have the chance as it will enhance your enjoyment of the river. Meanwhile keep tying (or buying) those special flies ready for the new season, or even try the reservoir perhaps.



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