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So long, and thanks for all the fish.

You're probably all aware that our Grayling season, and indeed our Winter Fishing season, terminate prematurely at the end of February. It has been a strange season for Grayling this year, with day after day of blanks, and very few getting more than 2 or 3, except for one bonanza of 7 by Paul recently, and I managed a 5, followed by a complete blank of course. There were quite a few caught on coarse tackle and baits, but they don't usually make it onto a catch return.

I was beginning to wonder where all the Grayling had gone this year, but catches have improved in the last few weeks, though nowhere near previous years. There are still some decent Grayling around however and I witnessed this 14" Cock Grayling succumbing to a very small wriggly bait today.

Well done again Paul, and good to know they haven't all been swept downstream.

Don't forget that there will be a fly-tying evening next month, and a work-party, so still plenty of chances to get together and discuss the past season and how to improve for the next one.



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