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Tying one on, in the pub

Fly-fishing is a solitary pastime, and that's just as it should be, but even anglers need to talk to each other occasionally. At this time of year, and with the current weather, the best place to do that is a good pub. To that end, a number of TAOA club members met together at the Chequers in Lamberhurst yesterday evening (the same venue as the last AGM).

The excuse was an evening to talk about Fly-Tying, but we were also there for the beer and the excellent fish and chips. We did do some fly-tying as well, and in particular we were treated to a fascinating talk and demonstration by our celebrated member Jeremy Lucas.

We were shown how to tie two of Jeremy's signature flies: the Plume Tip dry fly and Hydropsyche Caddis nymph. It all looked really easy ..... until we tried to do it ourselves, but there was a good balance between experienced fly-tyers, happy to patiently dispense advice and wisdom, and inexperienced novices.

We didn't just learn about tying of course, as it was a good opportunity to pick each other's brains about what to fish where, when and how. Everyone seemed to learn something, to have a go at tying, and generally have a good time.

Great credit goes to Keith for organising this excellent evening, which we've been talking about doing for several years, andf he's threatening to do it again next month (12th April), and if there's enough interest, it can become a regular fixture. Do feel free to join us next time, whether you're an expert, a novice, or merely competent, and you'll definitely have a good evening. Well done Keith.



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