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Walking on eggshells

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the river!

No it's not the return of Jaws, but one of our intrepid work party spotted these rare beauties while we were getting the river ready for us all last Saturday up at Trottenden.

See if you can work out what they are (look in the top left corner).

Be careful where you tread or you might stumble on these rare and fragile treasures. They are actually Brook Lamprey eggs, and the proud mum is being rather shy but you can just see part of her. You may have seen the Lamprey videos from last April in this blog but this is the first time we've spotted some eggs - well done Yvette.

It's a good reminder to minimise your wading in the next few months as the Lamprey, Grayling and other coarse fish are laying eggs in the gravelly areas, so please watch out for them.

We've created a lot more fishing spots from Beat 1 to Beat 4 over the Winter, with repaired steps, new ropes and ladders, so enjoy the river, but conserve its rich array of wildlife while you do. We are a conservation and fishing club, and the presence of Lamprey and Grayling shows just what a valuable asset we have.



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