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Welcome Back

Good to see a distinct uptick (as they like to say these days) in the numbers of Catch Returns coming in. They show an interesting trend with an increase in Browns being caught (and usually released of course), relatively few Rainbows, but quite a variety of Coarse fish, even on Beat 2a (Trottenden) which is usually much more Trouty. Beats 3a (Stonebridge), 3b and 3c (Harpers) are of course yielding the excellent Grayling (is it Coarse or Game?), often on Dries, including another 16-incher from Nigel; possibly the same one of course.

Although quite a few Returns have included no Rainbows or even Browns, or Grayling, there have usually been some catches, often on Dries, of Dace and Chub in particular, and even some Perch and Gudgeon (definitely not a dry).

The variety of tytpes of fish is a good sign of a healthy river, but it can also be rewarding to catch something new, but we'll be back to increasing Trout numbers again soon, no doubt.

They say variety is the spice of life.



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