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Who's for the last Trout?

Just one more week of our Trout season left so get down to the river and have a go before 1st November. The river is back down again after that little flush a few days ago, so the last few Trout can't have too many places to hide. After that, any of you Winter Fishers that catch one should return them unharmed (a good reason to always used barbless or crimped hooks). My Winter Fishing will be targeting our lovely Grayling, and this year we'll be able to fish Stonebridge for the first time in the Winter. That should be quite a treat after all the work that has been done to improve the access to that beat. Do contact Lindsey if you want a Winter Fishing permit.

Talking of improving our beats, there will be another work-party at the Reservoir on 6th November, so if you want to give something back to your fellow members, that's a good way to do something useful and get to know some of them. Make sure you contact Nigel to let him know you're joining us.

Failing that, some of you may wish to join us at the AGM on 25th November, this time in Lamberhurst. It's a good chance to influence the future activities of the club, and again to meet fellow members, but this time with a pint perhaps.

See you soon


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